Directors Music Sampler

THE MUSIC OF ANDREW SHAPIRO draws a fine line from the pellucid piano forms of Erik Satie through the electronic compositions of Jean-Michel Jarre to the thought-provoking sculptures of Richard Serra. His love of the Cocteau Twins and their unique musical style informs a sensibility that goes way beyond cliché. Ostensibly a Minimalist and directly influenced by the work of such New York downtown giants as Philip Glass and producer Michael Riesman, Shapiro has nevertheless carved a unique place in 21st-Century Ambient music. He has achieved this not only through his unique recordings on his own Airbox label. His piano piece Mint Green (now an Ambient classic with over 14 million plays on Pandora) shows that his position also derives from his devotion to his soft-pedaled piano playing style. Performances of these exquisitely cloudy piano miniatures have been heard from Brooklyn and as far away as the European continent. With his 2016 album Pink Jean Mint Green, Shapiro also demonstrated a mastery of contemporary synthpop with a plaintive vocal style and a unique collaboration with English writer Neil Gaiman.

Mark Prendergast, author of The Ambient Century: From Mahler to Moby: The Evolution of Sound in the Electronic Age.)