Vocals and all instrumentation: Andrew Shapiro. Drum programming by Sterling Campbell.

Produced by Mario J McNulty & Andrew Shapiro.

Studio: 333 Recording, New York. Recorded and mixed by Mario J McNulty. Mastered by Chris Athens at Chris Athens Masters, Austin, TX. Artwork by Glen Baldridge.

Publicity by Sacks & Co.

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Music and lyrics by Andrew Shapiro
From the album "Pink Jean Mint Green"
(Release June 24, 2016)

1985, the year you may have died
What a surprise, that plot point he devised
All I need when I want to be with you, lay beside you
Is to read about you
Lauren Hynde
Why did you have to die?
Are you real or just a girl I knew
Why do I take the time
To think about you sometimes
To dream about you
To sing about you
1985, wearing my flush-faced disguise
What a surprise, your gaze into my eyes
When it would snow, we'd go
See the sunset glow
The Unforgettable Fire on the stereo
Lauren Hynde, are you mine?
Are you real or just a girl I knew
When we went to your professors house
You were such a louse
What I had to do to pursue you
Note: Lauren Hynde is a character in the Bret Easton Ellis novels The Rules of Attraction and Glamorama.