Vocals and all instrumentation: Andrew Shapiro. Drum programming by Sterling Campbell.

Produced by Mario J McNulty & Andrew Shapiro.

Studio: 333 Recording, New York. Recorded and mixed by Mario J McNulty. Mastered by Chris Athens at Chris Athens Masters, Austin, TX. Artwork by Glen Baldridge.

Publicity by Sacks & Co.

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Music and lyrics by Andrew Shapiro
From the album "Pink Jean Mint Green"
(Release June 24, 2016)

Like Lauren that sat in the center
Like sweatpants on Myers, like Lieberman, Rubin
Levin at Sensation
Get beyond living start finding a Lauren

I went walking looking for you
Yakitori pizza pie
You were once sitting at that table with those Trident girls

One day one of you will put your arms around me

So sweetly you filled up my cup with fragile foam
Your skin looks just like Myers
Love that look
If you went to Oberlin or Emory, Dartmouth or Brown
Or even if your last name is Cornell

Eyeliner just like Myers