UPDATE: After a gut-renovation in early 2014, the 160 Broadway McDonald's removed its piano. Andrew Shapiro's nine year run of playing his piano music on Sunday afternoons has come to a close.

Located at 160 BROADWAY (downtown Manhattan, one block east of Ground Zero)

SUNDAYS Noon to 4pm

On a lofted grand piano with a backdrop of the "Golden Arches," composer Andrew Shapiro performs his artful blend of classical, ambient and minimalist music at McDonald's Sundays throughout the year.

For his groundbreaking marriage of fast-food and the contemporary arts, Shapiro received an extensive profile in The New York Times headlined Quarter Pounder With Keys and was featured as the "Best Pianist in a Fast-Food Restaurant" in the "Best of New York" issue of the Village Voice.

"Pure Andrew: The sublime in collision with the mundane" --Peter Jensen