Vocals and all instrumentation: Andrew Shapiro. Drum programming by Sterling Campbell.

Produced by Mario J McNulty & Andrew Shapiro.

Studio: 333 Recording, New York. Recorded and mixed by Mario J McNulty. Mastered by Chris Athens at Chris Athens Masters, Austin, TX. Artwork by Glen Baldridge.

Publicity by Sacks & Co.

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Music and lyrics by Andrew Shapiro
From the album "Pink Jean Mint Green"
(Release June 24, 2016)
In Calgary, you came onto me
Next to me, rubbing your hands all over
Taking me by the finger
Showing me where it goes
That first day when our parents met
They knew each other from the Beach Club
You gave a look at me like you were in love
I didn't have a clue what to do
So I end up making out with you
You really wanted me to
You never want to take your shirt off for me
You're a Teen Tour girl
You never want to take your
Grateful Dead t-shirt off for me
Come on please
Ok, after the lights go out
It's on
Yellowstone and Jackson Hole
Montana, Idaho
Taking you on the ski lift
Showing you where to go
In San Francisco
In the stairwell of the hotel
I got a taste of you
But when L.A. came
I no longer was your flame
I moved along
Kissing my girl with the retainer on