"[Bash Street Worlds] is a gloriously warm, bright and sunny song with a rich wall-of-sound synth that recalls some of OMD’s best work.
— PopMatters.com

“I loved both of the pieces of music [Detectors in the Eyes & Mint Green]. So very different. Haunting yet uplifting. I could imagine myself writing to it, which is not something I say a lot…” — Neil Gaiman, Author

“Very cool music...I love this piano etude that I’m listening to as I write this...I’m reminded of bits of [Steve] Reich, [Philip] Glass, Sigur Ros, Cocteau Twins and Radiohead, intertwined with an aching longing and lots of integrity.” — Vernon Reid, Living Colour

“There are few electronic musicians whose work recalls both Philip Glass and Magnetic Fields...the result is both accomplished and highly enjoyable” 
Performing Songwriter

“Sigur Ros, the Alan Parsons Project and Radiohead have a subtle presence in Shapiro’s work...the unlikely blend of pop sensibility and classical elegance have merged in Shapiro’s ambient, wafting rhythms...new, fresh and innovative.” — Hudson Valley Pulse

“Intimate Casual is a restrained but warm blend of spare, classically influenced pieces with just enough pop sensibility to make them accessible...it shimmers in its minimalist strokes.” — Arkansas Democrat Gazette

“There’s an interesting subgroup of composers who sing their own songs, blending aspects of art song and pop...Andrew Shapiro is a notable practitioner.” 
— Alex Ross, The New Yorker

“A Philip Glass protégé who knows his minimalism, [Shapiro] bridges the gap between aggressive avant-gardism and abstract dream pop. Fans of Sigur Ros ought to thrill at finding such a properly hypnotic state-sider.” — ABC News

“Shapiro’s creation [Quiet Kissing] is dreamy...the slowly rocking tempo and overlapping, whispery vocal track lull the ear and the mind into a contemplative state I previously thought could only be experienced by actors in independent films.” — New Music Box